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I’ve seen some dick hungry girls before but I think this naughty English porn star called Chantelle Fox takes the cake.

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Now I can be a silly as the next person but Nina is really pushing it. You see it was only a few day’s ago that this sporty looking babe got herself locked outside, she was out there for ages and ended up peeing herself. But it seems that the same thing is happening to her again today as well, She was on the phone again and was busy chatting away to this new man she’d met the night before.

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You guy’s know how it is, once a girl get’s on the phone it’s really hard too get them off it. Anyway they were deep in conversation and Nina was oblivious to the fact that she was already busting for a pee, she was just to busty talking to him. But once she put the phone down she finally felt the urge to relieve herself, the only problem now is she’s locked outside! She can hear the shower going and knows her room mate is in there but she isn’t going to hear her knocking no matter how hard she tries. It looks like she’s going to wet her jeans once again and I say it serves the silly teen right!

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Wet in Public Review

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