Ashley Edmunds and her little black dress fetish

Ashely is looking so fucking cute in the sexy little black dress she has on at the moment. She might look like a nice girl, but trust me you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her, she loves being a fetish mistress and sometimes she even scares me! Ashley has a girl friend of hers around today and a bald guy. They’re going to have some fetish action together and Ashley can’t wait to get started. She lifts up the black dress and exposes her shaved pussy to them both, then just to get them in the mood a little more she turns around and shows us that sweet ass. Now she gets all naughty as she gives the camera the finger, I told you this girl was fucking wild! She tells the bald stud to come over to her and suck the cock she’s wearing over her pussy, he doesn’t say no and does exactly what she wants. I’m sure he’s scared of her as well, and they should be. Ashley pushes his head further on her cock, this dude is taking it deep and I think he might even be enjoying it. I wonder what this kinky fetish babe will have him do next, I know it will be hot that’s for sure.

Ashley Edmunds

Younger brunette lets this guy have his way with her

This dude has his petite little girl friend on the bed, she’s totally naked and he’s playing with her tight ass. He lifts his hand up and slaps her on the butt cheeks, she loves it nice and rough and that’s just how he’s going to bang her. He sticks out his cock and lets this little babe go to work on it, she’s got a small set of lips but so far I’m digging her sucking style. He lifts his leg onto the bed and puts his hand on her head, he then pushes his cock even further inside her mouth and gives her some gagging action. He feels it’s time to slam that hairy amateur pussy now, so he lays her on the bed and lifts her leg then shoves his cock into her waiting pussy. This cute slut is taking it hard now, she’s screaming for more hardcore sex, that’s just how she is though, a slut that loves her cock. She bends over and spreads her cunt open a little, it’s an inviting sight and he wants to fuck her doggy style now and work her fast and hard. See this babe and her hairy pussy now guys click here.

Younger brunette

Gorgeous Babe Esmi Lee Flaunts Her Sexy Body

This slender brunettes name is Esmi Lee, and wow what a smoking hot body this girl has on her. She’s got this kinky black dress on and it’s skin fucking tight, she’s also wearing some sweet black stockings as well. Esmi sits down on the chair and crosses her gorgeous legs, she’s got a male friend of hers with her there and he’s going to watch this babe strip. Esmi stands up and bends over on the chair, wow look at that sweet looking ass of hers it’s totally perfect. Now she moves over next to this guy, he’s on the ground nude and is waiting for her to give him his command. She puts her high heel on this dudes back and pushes down hard, he seems happy that she’s just showing him some attention so he lets her go for it. She removes her black dress now, but leaves her lingerie on and picks up her whip. Now she plans on spanking him into submission, he’s going to fucking love this and so are we. She takes him over to the sofa and she then sits down on it, she makes him crawl over to her and now she’s going to punish him again.

Esmi Lee Flaunts Her Sexy Body


Piss happy cutie sits on chair and pees

Piss happy cutie

This younger babe is a total sweetie, she’s got a near perfect figure on her and she’s got a fetish for pissing. In fact, she loves being watched while she pees, it’s a massive turn on for this babe knowing your getting off on her doing something as wild as this. She’s got a sporty little outfit on and she sits down on the chair to have some fun, it doesn’t take long for her to get in the mood for it, and soon enough she’s totally nude. She exposes her gorgeous little boobs and then opens her legs up. I wasn’t expecting her to go for it like this, but she does! Look at her now, she’s using her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide while she covers the floor in her own piss. Like I said it drives her wild, and now she’s even more worked up then ever. She shows us how flexible she is as she lifts her foot up and licks her toes, she then takes out a dildo and slides it into her smooth little cunt. She works herself nice and hard and then decides to go for another round of hot pissing action.

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Pretty brunette babe Kirsten dressed for pleasure

Check out the sexy little outfit this gorgeous babes wearing. That short little skirt and her top looks ready to burst. Now this kinky babe opens up her top and lets those busty boobs come out for some action, she plays with her nipples and then bends over on the sofa. The camera seems to love this girls hot ass and pussy, look at the awesome shots they’re getting of her pussy. Kirsten is all smiles as she continues to enjoy this awesome action, but she wouldn’t mind a helping hand either. Lucky for this babe there’s someone there willing to go that extra mile and offer this girl some action. He sticks his hand inside her pussy and gapes it wide, she’s moaning with pleasure as this dude makes her beg for more. In fact she also joins in the action now, with both their fingers inside her pussy I’ve never seen such awesome gaping action as this. This kinky girl takes out some fetish toys next, she’s going to drive us wild as she continues on her quest to get her pussy gaping as wide as possible. Come and see loads more hot gaping action like this, click here.

brunette babe Kirsten Gaping Pussy