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Dumb Teen Candi Get’s Herself Looked Outdoors

she cant hold it

 Candi won’t be doing this again in a hurry that’s for sure. You see she was outside on the balcony talking to a girl friend on the phone. She was actually busting for a pee but didn’t want to be rude and hang up on her, while she was on the phone her flat mate came and told her she was leaving for the day, she said goodye and closed the door. It wasn’t until she couldn’t wait any longer and told her friend she had to go now and she needed to use the toilet. But when she tried to open the door it was locked, she was really fucking worried now, she’s not even sure how much longer she can hold the pee back. She tries to think of something she can do, she was even considering squatting down and peeing on the balcony, but then she noticed some dude across the road looking at her through his window. The nerve of him! Well she’s not holding on any longer, that pee comes gushing out all over her jeans and everywhere. She won’t be in a hurry to talk on the phone to her friend any more, that’s for sure.

pee accident in jeans

Kinky Babe Mandy Get’s Locked Out And Needs To Pee

desperate to pee

Mandy was doing some cleaning and well she’d been at it all morning, she’s one of these types of girl’s that’s gotta do it all in one go, so far she hasn’t been to the toilet all morning and even though she’s almost bursting she decides to go and clean the Balcony next. She walks out and closes the door behind her, cleaning away she’s finally done and then goes to come back inside, but the door’s locked. This silly girl accidently locked it on her way back into the house and now she’s outside on the balcony busting for a pee. She looks around hoping someone will come to her rescue but sadly for her that isn’t going to happen, she can feel the pee starting to trickle down her leg and to make matters worse there’s a small croud gathering below to see what all the fuss is about. Mandy let’s it all go now, she couldn’t hold it any longer and well judging by the looks on the people’s faces below she might of even peed on them. I’m sure a few of them wouldn’t of minded this cute babe doing it, either way she really couldn’t help it.

she couldent hold it any longer

Desperate Girl Needs To Pee In A Real Hurry

I really feel sorry for Nina, but not that much. She was told like three or four times that if she needed to do a pee then she should do it now as they would be closing the toilet do so some repairs on it, But a few minutes after they do this she decides she’s busting and really needs to go. She rushes that skinny body of hers to the toilet and bangs on the door, there is no reply but she doesn’t stop banging.

desperate to pee

She stands there for like five minutes doing this, until she finally realizes that she’s not going to be able to use the toilet. But what’s she going to do now, she spent all that time trying to get in and now she can hardly hold on any longer. She was just about to rush outside and take a piss in her yard when it happened, the pee was gushing down her pants and well she was totally covered in it. There’s nothing she can do about it now, but I guess she could at least go and take a shower and clean all that pee off herself, and think about doing it again lol.

she pissed her panties

Janessa And Marla Are Busting To Use The Toilet

Janessa and her friend Marla had been out driving all day, there weren’t doing anything in particualr just driving around checking out guy’s and that. But they have rushed home now as they both need to pee in a real hurry.

wetting her pants

They pull up at their house but are in such a rush to get inside that Marla accidently loses the house key’s, and well this seriously couldn’t be happening to them. They both search frantically for them but can’t find them anywhere, what are they going to do now? Both of them don’t know how much longer they can hang on. This would just about be the most embarrassing that that’s ever happended to them and it’s about to get much worse. They hold their crotches in a last ditch effort to stem the flow of pee, but it’s all a little too late. They can feel the pee dripping down their leg’s now and well to make matters worse they didn’t think of checking if the back door to the house was unlocked until they had wet themselves. They go around to the back of the house and sure enough the door was unlocked, how unlucky for these babes and how lucky for us that we got to see the aciton.

pissing in pants

Busty Blonde Girl Enjoys Her Fetish

Look at the sweet boobs on this cute blonde babe, she was in her bedroom and just finished a sweet fetish session with her boy friend. But for some reason he left her bound and gagged on the floor and she’s now all alone.

piss whore training

At first she wasn’t all that worried as she figured he’d just gone to watch some Tv, but he hasn’t been back for hours and she can’t call anyone for help. To make matters worse she’s now busting to go to the toilet and she doesn’t know how much longer she can hang on, she tries to think of something else to take her mind of it, but all she can think about is releasing the pee that’s building up inside her. She can’t do it anymore, she decides to do the only thing she can and that’s pee herself. She starts doing this and well in no time at all she’s totally covered in in own piss, not long after that her man walks into the room and finally let’s her go. He was watching her all along and just wanted to see her pissing herself, it sounds a little twisted at first but the more I think about it the more I find this to be something I wouldn’t mind doing myself.

piss whore training pics

Cute Teen Raven Locked Out On The Sidewalk

Raven is a sleek looking teen babe that loves keeping in shape, she was out early this morning taking a jog around the block but she has to come home as she finds herself busting to use the toilet. She finally get’s home but well finds she’s been locked out!

ineed2pee raven

She tries everything, she checks the windows, knocks on the door but nobody is coming to open them for her. Then she rememebers her flatmates had a late night last night and well they wouldn’t hear her no matter how much noise she made. She was considering running down the street and asking someone if she could use their toilet but that’s when she started feeling the pee coming down her leg, she pulls her spandex shorts up nice and high in the hopes of steming the flow of pee, but it doesn’t work and it even makes it worse. Now the pee is pissing out everywhere and well this is really embarresing, I wonder if she’ll ever get over this or if she will go for an early morning run again anytime soon. Come and see loads more naughty babes who just couldn’t hold their pee’s now click here.

wetting her pants

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Nina Does It Again Getting Locked Outside

Now I can be a silly as the next person but Nina is really pushing it. You see it was only a few day’s ago that this sporty looking babe got herself locked outside, she was out there for ages and ended up peeing herself. But it seems that the same thing is happening to her again today as well, She was on the phone again and was busy chatting away to this new man she’d met the night before.

wet jeans

You guy’s know how it is, once a girl get’s on the phone it’s really hard too get them off it. Anyway they were deep in conversation and Nina was oblivious to the fact that she was already busting for a pee, she was just to busty talking to him. But once she put the phone down she finally felt the urge to relieve herself, the only problem now is she’s locked outside! She can hear the shower going and knows her room mate is in there but she isn’t going to hear her knocking no matter how hard she tries. It looks like she’s going to wet her jeans once again and I say it serves the silly teen right!

wetting accident

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