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Flush With Fluids

They say that variety is the spice of life. We all have different things that turn us on. Some of us are into off the wall fetishes that others think are disgusting and that’s fine. Not everyone has to get it. When I found out I could use this 76% off discount to Wet and Pissy it was like an answer to my porn prayers. It’s not often I come across a site that caters to this niche, let alone one that does it so beautifully.

Members will be treated to a library of more than 370+ videos as well as their accompanying photosets. All your favorite porn stars are here including Ally Breelsen, Alexa Tomas, Alyssa Reece, Angel Kiss, Claudia Macc, Erica Fontes, Eufrat, Jasmine Webb, Lena Cova, and Mary Queen. There are 285+ models on display here that are absolutely gorgeous and total freaks. You’ll get to watch as they piss all over themselves, and even relieve themselves in glasses and then drink it or pour it on themselves. This is a wet and wild ride like no other.


That Pee Is The Real MVP

Some people say it’s better to get pissed off than pissed on. I’ve never understood those weirdos to be quite honest. I’d love for a hot bitch to use me as her personal toilet. Just sit on my face and let it all out, baby. I’m getting crazy turned on just thinking about it. It’s like I’m going to have to squirt too. If you’re looking for a porn site that isn’t afraid to get really wet and wild, I’d have to recommend Vipissy.

Maybe you’ve heard the term “golden shower.” There is a lot of that going on over at Vipissy. But everything is done in super high-quality settings with the best production value. This isn’t back-alley trash porn. This is high-end content that finally gives this fetish the attention and treatment it deserves.

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These Girls Need A Shower

Some fetishes are more taboo than others. But that’s no reason to shy away from them. The dirtier, the more unmentionable, the more prohibited… the better! You may have a thing for feet or barely-legal teens, but what about golden showers? Have you tried it? There’s just something intriguing about the thought of a girl on her knees begging you to drain your bladder all over her face.

Maybe you’re curious about this forbidden inclination, but you don’t know where to start looking for that quality you find with other more-traditional genres. Lucky for you, there’s a deal on one of our favorite sites, Bruce and Morgan. This site is the gold standard in piss-drinking, along with other favorites like public sex, facials, insertions, rough sex, and BDSM. And of course, it’s all produced and delivered in full 1080p HD.  Interested? Yeah, we thought so.

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Cute babe with awesome hair opens her pussy and pees

Cute babe opes her pussy and pees
Look at this petite cutie as she sits down in her tight denim shorts and sexy top. Richie stands up and removes her top, check out those perky looking boobs of hers, I wouldn’t mind giving them nipples some action with my tongue. She keeps the action going now as she removes the rest of her clothes, standing there totally naked she starts to feel a little wet as she knows exactly what she’s going to do next. She sits back down on the step and opens her legs up, putting her hand onto her exposed pussy she starts working her cunt lips. She then takes out this really weird looking sex toy, it attaches to her slippery cunt and she works it hardcore. All of a sudden there’s piss gushing out from her, I’m not sure how such a petite little cutie like her could have some much pee, but there it is for all us to see. Richie bends over now for one final pleasure, she spreads her legs and then opens her cunt lips wide. If you want to see the rest of this action, then do yourself a huge favor and click here now to see it all.

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Charlee Chase Punishing Stud With Fetish

Charlee Chase Punishing Stud

Look at the sweet dress Charlee Chase has on today. It’s black and pink and well it just looks awesome on her. She’s got her slave back with her today and they’re going to have some fetish pleasure together, she has a purple collar on him and she’s going to really give it to him hardcore. She walks in the room with her sexy dress on, he’s not allowed to have eye contact with her until she wants him to, so he’s keep his eyes on the ground. Finally she lets him look up at her gorgeous body, she keeps him in line though and there’s no way she’s letting him touch her busty figure. His hands are tied behind his back, so I guess he has no choice in the matter. She tells him to stand up now and well that’s easier said then done, he struggles to his feet only to be told by her to get the fuck back on your knees! She’s certainly a crazy girl that’s for sure. Charlee is worth it though, I’d do pretty much anything to get a chance to be this busty babes slave. maybe she’s even let you join her for some action.

Long legged babe Kitty has a peeing session

 naked pissingKitty is looking totally gorgeous in her sweet lingerie, this cute girl has one of the sexiest looking bodies you’ll see. She also got a naughty side though and your about to see that soon enough. Kitty sits there and lets us look over her amazing body, she’s got some long legs and a smooth pair of milkly looking boobs. She removes her bra now and lets us check them out, look at those perky fucking nipples, wow they’re fucking hot. She turns around next and spreads her legs open, tell me you’ve seen a better looking ass then the one that she has on her, I dare you! She takes her panties down next and then spreads her pussy lips open, that tight little cunt gets worked on by her fingers. Feeling like doing something totally bizarre she just starts pissing everywhere, it was unexpected but was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. Kitty is still peeing all over the place so she picks up a glass and starts filling it up. This girl is fucking awesome indeed, that smooth body and her hot pussy are awesome to see in action.

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Amateur teen Tina Blade Has To Pee In A Hurry

Tina Blade Has To Pee In A Hurry

Check out this sweet little cutie. Her names Tina Blade and she just arrived home to find her door is locked, now if that’s not bad enough she is busting for a pee! She also can’t find her key to the house, she bangs on the front door but nobody answers, whats she going to do? Finally she remembers where she put that darn key, she bursts through the front door and breathes a sigh of relief. But she doesn’t make her way to the toilet, she starts stripping naked though. It seems she’s got some plans for that pee of hers, she wants to let it all out at once and thinks it will be totally fucking hot. Tina bends over and shows us her tight little pussy and ass, she then sits down on the table and opens her legs up. This kinky girl then lets it loose, she starts pissing everywhere and it’s fucking awesome to see. She’s very happy with herself and I thought it was pretty sweet as well, she wants you guys to come and see more of her now.

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Busty blonde babe Nicky’s hot food fetish

If you like blonde girls then take a minute and check out this stunning girl. Her names Nicky and besides having one of the sexiest looking bodies I’ve seen she’s also got a great personality as well. Nicky stands there with her black lingerie on, she takes the can of whipped cream and squirts some of it inside her mouth, she squirts a little too much though but lucky those sweet fingers are there to help her out. She kneels down and we get an awesome view of her gorgeous body, I’m loving the tight looking pussy on this naughty girl. She sits down on the table now and pours some more cream all over herself, she uses her hands to rub the cream everywhere on her body. I bet your getting turned on watching this blonde girl friend do her thing, I can only imagine what she has planned for cleaning herself up. But we won’t see that yet, as she’s too busy having fun with her food fetish. Look at her bend over on the table now, her tight pussy and sexy ass look fucking amazing, this blonde is just doing it all and she’s about to enjoy some more food fetish action.

Nicky's hot food fetish

Cute teen babe Shylina pissing in a cup

Shylina pissing in a cup

This babes name might be Shylina but I can tell you right now she’s far from shy. This teen girl takes her pants off and sits down on the ground, she then spreads her legs wide and lets us check out her tight little pussy. Shylina then puts her hands on her pussy lips, she pulls then open and totally goes for it. Feeling a little worked up now she lifts up her top and shows us her gorgeous boobs. She puts a cup below her pussy now and this time she doesn’t hold back, she starts pissing and in no time at all she’s almost filled the entire cup up. This kinky babe keeps on going, she takes out a sex toy and puts it on the ground. It’s fucking huge but her juicy cunt is going to have no problems taking it nice and deep. Shylina swallows the toy inside her hot cunt, she makes it drive her wild as she enjoys the action. This kinky babe goes back for some more hot peeing pleasure, this time around though she goes a little far and the cup can’t takeall her pee. This teen girl was a total pleasure to see in action, and wasn’t her pussy hot!

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Ashley Edmunds and her little black dress fetish

Ashely is looking so fucking cute in the sexy little black dress she has on at the moment. She might look like a nice girl, but trust me you don’t want to get on the wrong side of her, she loves being a fetish mistress and sometimes she even scares me! Ashley has a girl friend of hers around today and a bald guy. They’re going to have some fetish action together and Ashley can’t wait to get started. She lifts up the black dress and exposes her shaved pussy to them both, then just to get them in the mood a little more she turns around and shows us that sweet ass. Now she gets all naughty as she gives the camera the finger, I told you this girl was fucking wild! She tells the bald stud to come over to her and suck the cock she’s wearing over her pussy, he doesn’t say no and does exactly what she wants. I’m sure he’s scared of her as well, and they should be. Ashley pushes his head further on her cock, this dude is taking it deep and I think he might even be enjoying it. I wonder what this kinky fetish babe will have him do next, I know it will be hot that’s for sure.

Ashley Edmunds