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I kinda feel a little sorry for this cute black bitch, well ok I don’t as she really brought this on herself. You see she’s been a little naughty lately and her master figured it was time to teach her a lesson that she wouldn’t forget about anytime soon. He bails her up and in no time at all has a gag around her mouth, he then pushes her to the ground and even luaghs while he’s doign it, telling her she forced his hand hear is no comfort to her as he heckles her and makes her feel really bad. Her small black tits are in full view and she’s only wearing a pair of red kinckers, she looks at him with her eyes opened wide and he can tell she’s begging for his mercy, but sadly for this babe he doesn’t have any of that, well not for her at least. A few hours pass and she’s busting for a pee, but do you think he’s actually going to let her go to the toilet? Hell no that was all part of his plan, he’s going to sit back now and watch this dirty black whore piss herself!

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¬†Candi won’t be doing this again in a hurry that’s for sure. You see she was outside on the balcony talking to a girl friend on the phone. She was actually busting for a pee but didn’t want to be rude and hang up on her, while she was on the phone her flat mate came and told her she was leaving for the day, she said goodye and closed the door. It wasn’t until she couldn’t wait any longer and told her friend she had to go now and she needed to use the toilet. But when she tried to open the door it was locked, she was really fucking worried now, she’s not even sure how much longer she can hold the pee back. She tries to think of something she can do, she was even considering squatting down and peeing on the balcony, but then she noticed some dude across the road looking at her through his window. The nerve of him! Well she’s not holding on any longer, that pee comes gushing out all over her jeans and everywhere. She won’t be in a hurry to talk on the phone to her friend any more, that’s for sure.

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A day at the beach sounded pretty sweet to these babes, so they packed their things and went for it. Down on the sand they had an awesome time and even got to meet this hunky dude, they spent the entire day there playing in the water and more. But it was now time to go, but before they leave they thought it would be nice to give this guy something to rememeber them by. They all snuck into the washrooms, it wasn’t the cleanest of places but these cheeky girls didn’t care they were used to getting down and dirty. One of the girls was totally nude, her busty tits looked totally hot. The guy was standing there checking these sluts out and then watched as the other girl who was still fully clothed went over and started pissing all over the other babe. He couldn’t believe how naughty these girls were, it was also a huge turn on. Now he hadn’t pissed on anyone before so he was keen to see just how much fun it was, the girls told him to get over to them right now and give them a warm golden shower and that’s just what he did.

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