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A discount to a site featuring a subject all guys love


It seems strange to girls that guys like watching them pee, but we do. For me, my fascination with watching my GF pee started long before I ever met her. I was young and I enjoyed watching the girl’s next door pee, as did they watching me pee. It wasn’t sexual then, but over time it did develop into a sexual fetish.

Finding good quality sites with girls wearing print panties like the ones above isn’t exactly easy. Not to mention, it also isn’t easy to find them with a good discount rate on the monthly price. However, I was able to find a good $20 monthly rate at Discount Porn Club. You don’t have to join them to get the discounts. It is just how their name plays out.

Anyway, if you join using the I Need 2 Pee discount for three months you get this 34% off deal. It truly is about as good as it gets. Now, time for me to spy on some girls who need to pee!

All WAM Girls Getting Messy On Camera


If your idea of fun is getting all wet and messy we have an awesome deal for you. I’m not sure if you know or not but the girls at All WAM have been getting up to some naughty things, I caught two totally gorgeous babes having a full on mud fight last night it was amazing to watch. These girls were in one of those blow up pools that was filled with mud, they went in fully clothed and just had a nice messy time fooling around together.

Lucky for you we have a 74% off discount to that you can use right now, be warned I wouldn’t be wearing your best clothes while looking at this site, chances are your going to end up as messy as the girls. At least it’s nice clean fun, well not clean but you get what I mean. All WAM has over 650 videos ready for you to watch now, as it’s part of the Tainster network you’ll also get bonus access to all of their sites as well!

Fully Clothed Pissing Tainster Discount


I find many things fetish interesting however I would say pissing on girls would be up there with my favorites. The girls from fully clothed pissing can’t go a day without this smooth action. If they don’t wake up covered in pee you can bet they will soon beg for it. The 1080p HD videos inside the members area are awesome, such great quality and a real pleasure to watch. Fully clothed pissing is part of the Tainster network of fetish, so you know exactly what to expect from guys like them!

If you’re still on the fence about getting a membership maybe this Fully Closed Pissing Discount will push you over the edge. This pass also grants you complete access to the Tainster network, so think about that when you’re saving money on xxx fetish like this. There are over 150 girls letting urine flow all over them inside guys, get nice and messy and come and join this fetish loving babes for some kinky euro action!

Pissing In Action Tainster Network Discount


Here is one for all you watersports fans, the babes from are wanting to show you why it’s so much fun to get wet. I’d bring a raincoat if you haven’t already got one, as this is garnetted to get you soaking wet with some lovely pornstar covering you from head to toe in her sweet piss. Sounds like things could get wet and messy doesn’t it guys? I’m sure you don’t mind some kinky fetish porn, it might be exactly what you’re looking for to keep you going for another day.

I’ve been checking out some of the videos inside the members area, there’s a decent amount and they’re shot in crystal clear HD format. I was really impressed that I got access to 15 bonus sites, that’s a good amount of sites to keep me nice and busy. The Tainster discount including Pissing In Action is really easy to use, it will give you a full network pass and still save you cash in the process. So what are you guys going to do first? Enjoy unlimited downloads of pissing fetish, or check out a few of the other sites in the network?

Fully Clothed Pissing Fetish Discount


Have you ever been a little kinky and let a girl pee on you? if you haven’t man are you missing out, if you have you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. At fully clothed pissing the action you’re going to get is hot fetish porn at it’s best, these pornstars love warm golden showers and crave loads of piss running all over them. The action here is always kinky, you need to keep an open mind when you watch HD 1080p videos like these.

The thing I like about fully clothed pissing it’s part of the Tainster network, if anyone knows hardcore fetish porn it’s them. So you get to access all of their sites as well, that’s like 15 plus sites and all for one low price. In fact were not even going to make you pay full price, join up now and you can get a Fully Clothed Pissing discount. The yearly deal will save you loads of money, however you still get a hot discount if you choose to just join for a month. So guys, now you have no reason not to enjoy xxx fetish porn, not when you get a discount like this!

Let the Puffy Network introduce you to the puffiest pissers around

wet and pissy discount pass

Do you love to see close ups of puffy pussy? If not, then you should. The girls over at the network have absolutely no fear when it comes to sliding huge objects into their pretty little pussies and they really love to show it all off to you. You can watch these gorgeous girls stretch and abuse their own pussies for pleasure right now and you can do it with a 73% off discount to Puffy Network!

For the type of crazy insertions and vacuum sucking that you can only find here, you’ll want to call them up and offer to pay them even more money than they are asking for. Give it a shot and see for yourself!

Also included in your discount porn package is full access to all sites in the Puffy Network like Wet and Pissy and Wet and Puffy!

Japanese Lesbians Playing Pee-Pee Games

Japanese lesbians pissing

By far Japan is one of the best places to go if you are in to perverted sex games like peeing in a girls mouth. Japanese girls have no shame when it comes to sex and are very submissive. You can pretty much do anything you want to Japanese girls and they will allow it without raising an alarm. For instance, on the subway it is common practice to grope the schoolgirls, office girls and any other girls on the train. Everybody does it and the girls seem to almost expect it. I have made many a girl orgasm in this way.

You might not have the means to make it over to Japan so you are probably here looking for Japanese pissing videos for that reason. I could have put together a list of them for you, but it is much better to just allow you to get them from japanese lesbian pornz tube.

Cute babe with awesome hair opens her pussy and pees

Cute babe opes her pussy and pees
Look at this petite cutie as she sits down in her tight denim shorts and sexy top. Richie stands up and removes her top, check out those perky looking boobs of hers, I wouldn’t mind giving them nipples some action with my tongue. She keeps the action going now as she removes the rest of her clothes, standing there totally naked she starts to feel a little wet as she knows exactly what she’s going to do next. She sits back down on the step and opens her legs up, putting her hand onto her exposed pussy she starts working her cunt lips. She then takes out this really weird looking sex toy, it attaches to her slippery cunt and she works it hardcore. All of a sudden there’s piss gushing out from her, I’m not sure how such a petite little cutie like her could have some much pee, but there it is for all us to see. Richie bends over now for one final pleasure, she spreads her legs and then opens her cunt lips wide. If you want to see the rest of this action, then do yourself a huge favor and click here now to see it all.

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Curvy amateur whore fucks outdoors

whore fucks outdoors
Look at this cute amateur whore. She was out in the woods with her man, they were going to have some outdoors sex, she fucking loves it and goes wild when she gets it. This busty blonde gets next to a tree and pulls out those large boobs, she lets him have a good look at them and then she strips nude. He comes closer to her and tells her to get on the ground. He sticks his cock into that hairy pussy and starts riding her like the slut that she is, this babe goes fucking nuts for the cock, telling her to pound her as hard as he likes. He takes her over to a tree next and bends her over, she puts her arms out on the tree as she feels his dick driving her hardcore. He sits her back down and gives her another round of awesome outdoors sex, he’s fucked her nice and hard and can just feel an orgasm coming. He puts his cock right up next to this babes mouth and then as she’s sucking on his cock, he blows his load and she takes it all over her lips and lets it drip down her mouth.