Doctor Collects Her Piss In The Golden Bowl

This cute brunette babe wasn’t feeling the best so she made an appointment to see her Doctor, she knew he’d see her right away and make everything better. She went into the exam room and he asked her what the problem was, she told him how she’s been having trouble peeing and well she begs him for help.

doctor pissing on patient

He tells her not to worry and walks out of the room for a minute, he soon returns with a mysterious looking Golden Bowl. He tells her it will make her piss like she’s never done before, but only if he does it with her. It sounds fair enough to her and she watches as the Doctor pulls out his cock, he starts peeing first and then tells her to do the same. At first nothing happens but soon enough there’s a steady flow of pee coming out of her, she’s over the moon and asks him if there’s anything she can do to repay him. He suggests she stays and has some Golden Piss pleasure with him, and well it’s the least she can do. Come and see this cheeky babe and the Doctor enjoying some peeing pleaaure now click here.

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