Babe Gets Wet By The Pool Then Drink Pee

This brunette babe thought it would be great to go and take a dip in the pool, it was a really hot day after all and she really liked the idea of getting totally wet. So she went down and took a dip, after getting out of the pool she noticed her hunky man was standing there watching her. He tells her how sexyit was watching her swimming in the pool, it really made this girls pussy nice and moist, as if it wasn’t wet enough already. She lay’s down on the sun baking chair and invites this lucky dude to flop out his cock, he does so but tells her he really needs to pee first, he was about to walk away but she stops him and tells him her mouth is already open and waiting for his piss.

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He isn’t going to miss out on doing this, he gives her some warm pee to drink and then sticks his cock into her sweet pussy. He fucks her nice and hard and even manages to give her another golden shower as well, she’s that worked up she even starts sucking on his cock begging for more warm piss from his penis.

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