Teacher Needs To Punish Her Students

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She had always tried her best to teach her students all that she knew, but for some reason there was always two guy’s who just couldn’t do as they were told. Well she’d had enough of it and it was time to teach these guy’s a lesson. She gave them both detention and told them to meet her back in the classroom after school or else, they figured they had better do as she say’s as they didn’t want to get into anymore trouble. They were right on time and walked into the classroom and found the teacher standing behind her desk, she looked really mad and well it was something they loved doing. But these guy’s are not here just for dentention, she has some other plans for them as well. She tells them both to take a seat and they do, just as they sat down she starts stripping naked and then pisses all over her desk, she even gets down and starts licking her own pee from the table. This is some crazy fucking action right here, but what happens next is totally awesome. The guy’s come over and join in the action with her, they flop out their cocks and start peeing all over their teacher!

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