Janessa And Marla Are Busting To Use The Toilet

Janessa and her friend Marla had been out driving all day, there weren’t doing anything in particualr just driving around checking out guy’s and that. But they have rushed home now as they both need to pee in a real hurry.

wetting her pants

They pull up at their house but are in such a rush to get inside that Marla accidently loses the house key’s, and well this seriously couldn’t be happening to them. They both search frantically for them but can’t find them anywhere, what are they going to do now? Both of them don’t know how much longer they can hang on. This would just about be the most embarrassing that that’s ever happended to them and it’s about to get much worse. They hold their crotches in a last ditch effort to stem the flow of pee, but it’s all a little too late. They can feel the pee dripping down their leg’s now and well to make matters worse they didn’t think of checking if the back door to the house was unlocked until they had wet themselves. They go around to the back of the house and sure enough the door was unlocked, how unlucky for these babes and how lucky for us that we got to see the aciton.

pissing in pants