Amateur teen Tina Blade Has To Pee In A Hurry

Tina Blade Has To Pee In A Hurry

Check out this sweet little cutie. Her names Tina Blade and she just arrived home to find her door is locked, now if that’s not bad enough she is busting for a pee! She also can’t find her key to the house, she bangs on the front door but nobody answers, whats she going to do? Finally she remembers where she put that darn key, she bursts through the front door and breathes a sigh of relief. But she doesn’t make her way to the toilet, she starts stripping naked though. It seems she’s got some plans for that pee of hers, she wants to let it all out at once and thinks it will be totally fucking hot. Tina bends over and shows us her tight little pussy and ass, she then sits down on the table and opens her legs up. This kinky girl then lets it loose, she starts pissing everywhere and it’s fucking awesome to see. She’s very happy with herself and I thought it was pretty sweet as well, she wants you guys to come and see more of her now.

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