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Close up gaping pussy shots with Ferrera

At first glance you’d not expect a girl as hot as Ferrera to do something like this, but here we have her doing some hot gaping pussy shots. She sits down on the sofa and strips totally nude, she’s got such a petite little figure on her and it’s so fucking sweet. She lifts her legs up and lets the camera get in nice and close, then she pulls open her pussy lips and lets us enjoy her gaping vagina. Watch as she smiles while doing this, right away that tells me this kinky girl is actually loving this as well. Now she gets a hand from some dude, he comes over and gives her pussy some gaping action as well, in fact their both now spreading her cunt nice and wide. Ferrera bends over and has some more close up fun, they manage to spread her pussy even wider now as she bends over for it. They give her a clamp now and once she inserts that into her pussy she’s free to really enjoy all the hot action they’re giving her. Like I said I didn’t think this babe would be into gaping porn, but she is and that’s fine by me.

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