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Lexi gets nice and messy with some hot food fetish

messy with some hot food fetish

Lexi sure doesn’t mind getting naked and messy for the camera. Take a look at this petite tanned babe as she fools around with some food, she’s got some whipped cream and some watermelon as well. She sits on the table and strips naked, those sweet little boobs of hers look good enough to eat. Lexi picks up a spoon and some yogurt as well, she takes out some with the spoon and accidently spill it all over herself. Now she just think fuck it! and just pours it everywhere. Personally I find this totally hot and Lexi does as well. Look at this gorgeous beauty as she keeps on messing around with the food, her entire body is covered from head to toe in food, and it’s fucking hot! I wish I was there with this sweet little babe, I’d lick the cream from her body with my tongue and let her do the same to me. Lexi must be really worked up now, she lays back on the table that’s covered in food and starts touching herself. Come and watch this cheeky girl lick the cream from her nipples and give herself loads of action, just click here now.

Ferrera shows us some wild looking food fetish

Check out the sweet body on Ferrera, this petite cutie has a fetish for food and she wants to show all you hot men what the fuss is about. She’s got a bowel of strawberries and a can of whipped cream and something tells me this girl is going to have some fun with them. She takes one of the strawberries and puts it into her mouth, she bites down on it with her seductive lips and then swallows it whole. Now this kinky babe sits up on the desk and removes her bra, look at those gorgeous looking breasts of hers, there nice and small and are just fucking awesome. She picks up two strawberries and places them over her nipples, she then takes the whipped cream and squirts some of it in her mouth. She goes even further now totally covering herself in the cream, it’s over her entire body and she tries her best to clean it all off. In the end though she just leaves it there, it does feel totally sexy and she think you’ll like it too. Come and have some food fetish fun with this slender babe now just click here and check her out.

sexy food play