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Horny Blonde girl and her fetish girl friend playing with a guys

Blondie and her friend are not the type of girls to take things easy. So when these two dudes told them to give them both a nice round of fetish they decided to go all out, and well I’m sure glad they did. These girls seriously went all out, check out the sweet looking uniforms they’re wearing. Glamorous as always they waste not time in getting the action going on these unsuspecting men. They tell both the guys to strip down naked and then lay on the bed, the guys do just that and within seconds these fetish whores have both the guys all chained up. I think the men are starting to realize these kinky girls are serious, and well they’re going to kick back now and enjoy the action, they don’t have a choice though! Blondie takes out some clothes pegs and attaches them to one of the guys cocks, she even puts them on his balls as well. She knows he’s suffering a little now and decides to give him some pleasure before she gives him more pain. Wrapping her lips around his cock Blondie gives him some sweet cock sucking action before she and her friend get back into the fetish.