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Private Party For Men Ends In Disgrace

public humiliation

She had been invited to this party with her Mistress and well she was actually looking forward to it, she thought it was going to be a real chance to let her hair down and party, and well I guess it kind is to a degree. They walked inside and within seconds she was already getting abused, some dude grabs hold of her and starts ripping her clothes off. She looked at her Mistress for help but she was smiling and looking on as if she was glad this was happening. This bitch then gets manhandled to the ground and a few guys gather around her and shove their cocks into her mouth, she gagging on their dicks but from the looks of it, this is just turning them on even more. Now as if she hasn’t been through enough already these guys want to give her even more Public Disgrace, they bend her over and start shoving all manner of things into her exposed ass and pussy. She screams as they punish her hardcore, and well a few dudes want to to fuck her hardcore now!

forced sex