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Squirting Babe Angela Drinks Water And Then Pee

Angela Drinks Water And Then Pee

Fresh faced Angela is a babe who loves to keep fit and active, one look at her sizzling body will tell you that. She actually just got back from a run and well she’s feeling pretty exhausted right now. She takes a bottle of water out from her fridge and guzzles it down her throat, that cool water felt so good she couldn’t help drinking the whole lot, and now she has none left. But this kinky girl knows a way she can enjoy that fresh taste again and even though it might sound crazy, it’s actually fucking hot to watch. Angela pulls her skirt down and then removes her panties, she opens her legs and then without a second though she starts pissing back into the water bottle. She actually manages to fill it up as well, now you might be thinking that there’s no way this pretty babe is going to drink her own pee? Well think again as that’s just what she’s about to do right now. Angela opens her mouth and sucks on the bottle, she has a look on her face that I find totally sexy, it’s one of pleasure and knowing she is loving it is a major turn on.

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Wet and Pissy

Wet and Pissy

When people think of pissing videos, they either run away in fear or truly appreciate the niche and want to see more of it. The quality unfortunately disappoints many, and delivers far too many misses, but Wet and Pissy is a newcomer to this niche and hits a home run from the beginning. The women in the videos are simply ravishing and are the kind of women you want to see taking a sensual piss. The videos are shot in incredible detail and high definition and really show off the talents of the women. The piss truly shoots out of the women and the women really enjoy the pissing as they play with it and aren’t afraid to get really involved in their piss. Too many of theses sites end up being short of a recommended or site that be around for the long run, but this one will. Watching girls piss is a sexy thing, and this site does it well. Read the PornDiscountsPorn Review of Wet And Pissy now