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Ashely Edmunds enjoy some cock with her husband

Ashely Edmunds and her husband are having another man over to have some fun with. It’s mainly this babes man who’s going to get the action though, she’s a kinky girl who enjoys watching her husband getting it hard. They get this guy and strip him naked, he then sits down on the floor and Ashley puts a collar around his neck. She then tells her man to bring his cock over to them, he does and then she takes hold of the guy on the floor and pushes his mouth over her mans cock. Now Ashley watches as this guy sucks her mans cock off, now if that isn’t kinky enough she’s got loads more planned for them next. She attaches a chair to the collar now, and shows them both that she is the only one with a key to it. She drags the guy over to where her man is now sitting. Ashley sits down right on his cock, her man starts pumping her hard while the other dude gives all his attention to Ashley. This naughty couple had so much fun, they feel like a cup of tea now and this dude is going to serve it Ashley style!

Ashely Edmunds enjoy some cock