Cute Teen Raven Locked Out On The Sidewalk

Raven is a sleek looking teen babe that loves keeping in shape, she was out early this morning taking a jog around the block but she has to come home as she finds herself busting to use the toilet. She finally get’s home but well finds she’s been locked out!

ineed2pee raven

She tries everything, she checks the windows, knocks on the door but nobody is coming to open them for her. Then she rememebers her flatmates had a late night last night and well they wouldn’t hear her no matter how much noise she made. She was considering running down the street and asking someone if she could use their toilet but that’s when she started feeling the pee coming down her leg, she pulls her spandex shorts up nice and high in the hopes of steming the flow of pee, but it doesn’t work and it even makes it worse. Now the pee is pissing out everywhere and well this is really embarresing, I wonder if she’ll ever get over this or if she will go for an early morning run again anytime soon. Come and see loads more naughty babes who just couldn’t hold their pee’s now click here.

wetting her pants

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