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Right away he could tell something was up, they were reading his chart together and were both smiling as well. They asked him if he could do a pee now and when he said hell yes, these two slutty Nurses started getting naked. They told him they had a little pissing fetish and if he would pee on them then they would both let him have some fun with them, this sounded too good to be true, but he went for it anyway. One of the babes climbed onto the table and flashed her sweet looking pussy, in a matter of seconds the other was on the ground and begging him to release his pee. He ended up doing just that and while he was pissing on the girl on the ground the other bitch was peeing all over them as well. This was some sweet fucking action and he’s not done yet, come and see loads more naughty babes in action now guy’s click here.

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