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Alexis Faux makes a guy suffer with cockold fetish

Alexis Faux is not a girl to be messed with. Her man has been a little naughty today and well she’s not going to put up with that, she decides to give him some punishment and some hot cockold sex sounds pretty good right now. She forces him to get dressed up in a maid uniform and then tells him to go and make the beds, he does this and thinks that should be the end of it, but she isn’t that forgiving. She decides to take a bath and when she’s ready to get out she call out for her slave to come and dry her down with the towel, he’s not even allowed to make eye contact with her, that’s how serious this girl is. This fetish babe then sits down on the edge of the bath and opens her legs, she tells him to lick her pussy clean now and he does just that. Alexis calls a friend of hers to come around now and when she arrives they both take turns punishing this dude. They do give him some pleasure though, they suck on his cock and then they let him join in the action as well.

Alexis Faux makes a guy suffer

These cheeky girls sneak onto this building site to check out all the hot guys.

These cheeky babes thought it would be really kinky to sneak up and perv on these guys at the building site. They really thought they were all so good looking, and well they loved the muscles they had as well. A few guys took their shirts off and these babes almost fell over, they were fucking loving this. it finally came lunch time and the guys took a break, and it didn’t take them long to find out they were being watched either. One of the guys totally busted these chicks, but now’s when the real action gets going. One of the guys figures if these bitches have been watching them for this long, then they’re keen for some cock. So he flops his out and lets two of the sluts take turns sucking his dick. After that intense cock sucking they bend these girls over and fuck them hard. Now here comes the best part, the girls have been fucked hard and loved every minute of it, but when it comes time for them to end it all the action they don’t want a cumshot, they want these guys to piss all over them! Well how could they so no to that!

piss party

Drunk girls go wild and suck and fuck at this party

So these lucky dudes were at this sweet looking party, there was loads of fresh pussy around and it was just a matter of time before these babes were drunk and wanting cock. Most of the guys just kicked back and had a few drinks, it was actually the girls who were going wild, they were downing the drinks quicker then the men and well they were bound to get more drunk as well. Now it was up to the men to make sure this party got into full swing. A few of them started chatting some of the girls up, it was totally working as well, these babes were fucking wasted. Some of the girls were not going to wait around for the men to come and give them some action, so they sat down on the sofa and started messing around with each other. Finally some of the men came over and let them use their cocks to play with. These bitches took dick in pretty much any hole they could fit them in, and they loved it! The party might be nearing the end now, it’s been a long night but I’m sure at least a few girls will be fucking into the early hours of the morning.

sex party