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Alexis Faux makes a guy suffer with cockold fetish

Alexis Faux is not a girl to be messed with. Her man has been a little naughty today and well she’s not going to put up with that, she decides to give him some punishment and some hot cockold sex sounds pretty good right now. She forces him to get dressed up in a maid uniform and then tells him to go and make the beds, he does this and thinks that should be the end of it, but she isn’t that forgiving. She decides to take a bath and when she’s ready to get out she call out for her slave to come and dry her down with the towel, he’s not even allowed to make eye contact with her, that’s how serious this girl is. This fetish babe then sits down on the edge of the bath and opens her legs, she tells him to lick her pussy clean now and he does just that. Alexis calls a friend of hers to come around now and when she arrives they both take turns punishing this dude. They do give him some pleasure though, they suck on his cock and then they let him join in the action as well.

Alexis Faux makes a guy suffer

Alexis Faux makes a guy suffer with cockold fetish

This slender brunettes name is Esmi Lee, and wow what a smoking hot body this girl has on her. She’s got this kinky black dress on and it’s skin fucking tight, she’s also wearing some sweet black stockings as well. Esmi sits down on the chair and crosses her gorgeous legs, she’s got a male friend of hers with her there and he’s going to watch this babe strip. Esmi stands up and bends over on the chair, wow look at that sweet looking ass of hers it’s totally perfect. Now she moves over next to this guy, he’s on the ground nude and is waiting for her to give him his command. She puts her high heel on this dudes back and pushes down hard, he seems happy that she’s just showing him some attention so he lets her go for it. She removes her black dress now, but leaves her lingerie on and picks up her whip. Now she plans on spanking him into submission, he’s going to fucking love this and so are we. She takes him over to the sofa and she then sits down on it, she makes him crawl over to her and now she’s going to punish him again.

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Dominant Bikini girl with her man by the pool

Adriana Lily is hanging out by the pool, she’s wearing a sweet looking Bikini and she feels like some cockold fetish. Lucky for her she’s got a willing partner in her hunky man, he’s happy to do pretty much anything this kinky girl wants him to do. She puts a chain around his neck and then starts making him suffer, she’s telling him she wants him to get inside the small little cage that she has there with her. Now even if he didn’t feel like it there’s no way she’s going to take no for an answer, she pulls hard on the chain and tells him to kneel at her feet. He does as she wants and then she starts leading him over to the cage, he gets inside it and she makes him suffer as she taunts him. She puts a strap on sex toy around herself and gets him out of the cage. He crawls over to her and like a good little man he sticks the cock in his mouth and starts sucking it. Adriana pushes him over on the cage now and shoves the strap-on inside his ass, she’s going to ram him hardcore now and make him suffer.

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